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About us


Created by Australian travel writer and magazine Editor, Natalie Bannister and born out of a passion for storytelling and discovering far flung places and cultures, collecting memories and treasures along the way, Tulasii brings the world home to showcase artisan textile crafts including block print, natural dyes and handloom.

Through our small-batch collections produced in close collaboration with our team of makers in Bali and India, we ensure our ethical fashion and lifestyle products are made with a purpose, empowering women and grassroots community craft initiatives, and providing living wages and a safe work environment free from discrimination.

We want women to embrace their divine feminine in wearing their Tulasii treasures, while also knowing the origins and art of every maker behind our pieces.

Made for comfort and a relaxed, barefoot luxury.

Created for modern beauty.

Grounded in tradition, and always with a story to tell.