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VIBES Energy Clearing spray


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100% natural vibrational spray with hand-blended pure essential oils and crystals. 

This natural room and body spray blended with aromatherapy ingredients that have long been used by alchemists and healers for their cleansing, energy-shifting properties.

Cedarwood, Frankincense, Sage + Juniper Berry essential oils can help to:

 ~ Uplift the mind and soothe the senses

~ Cleanse your Aura of stress and negative energy

 ~ Stabilise your mood and energy

 ~ Restore and calm your nervous system

 ~ Help you to feel more clarity in the mind while balancing and grounding the body

Our VIBES energy clearing spray has been hand blended with love by us in the Tulasii studio. Each bottle comes with Clear Quartz for purification and Black Obsidian for grounding + protection. We have cleansed all stones and set them with the intentions of self-love, healing, clarity and auric protection. 

Use VIBES like a natural smudge spray to soothe the mind and cleanse your energy field of negativity, stress or fatigue. Mist over your body, spray on your pillow or use in any space where you feel the need to reset and recharge. VIBES is designed to be the perfect travel companion.

Ingredients: Pure Essential Frankincense, Cedarwood,  Juniper Berry, + Sage oils, Ethanol (Alcohol), Crystal-infused Aqua


** Shake well before use. Store away from direct sunlight + under 30 degrees. For external use only. If irritation occurs discontinue use. * Consult your doctor before using while pregnant.