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Chai scented candle


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Inspired by the sweet, spicy and warm aroma of traditional Masala Chai tea. Scented ever so lightly, Chai is a soft and delicate fragrance ~ a subtle hint of heartwarming moments spent sipping on hot tea, washed down with an Indian sunrise.


Top Notes: Clove + Cinnamon

Middle Notes: Cardamom + Black Tea

Base Notes: Honey + Vanilla


 * All candles come with a natural bamboo timber lid.

Our scented candles are all hand-blended in small batches in the Tulasii studio. We only use non-toxic wicks that are made out of all-natural fibres and contain no lead or other harmful metals, and we only use the highest quality non-toxic soy and coconut wax blends.

Burn time: approximately 48 hours
Size: 8.5 cm width | 10 cm height


Before lighting your candle each use, it’s best to trim the wick to 7mm using scissors or a wick trimmer (too-short wicks may not burn all the way to the edge, creating a tunnelling effect in the wax; too-long wicks may produce a ‘mushroom’ top, causing black soot to form on the glass and/or popping/crackling).

Place your lit candle in an area that is free from wind/breeze. Keep candles away from small children, pets, and flammable material at all times. Do not burn for less than one hour or more than four hours at a time.